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Best way to get into Target Archery + Pistol Shooting?

I am looking to get into Competitive Archery and/or Pistol Competitions. The only Archery ive done is with a Crossbow. Shooting I have a .243 and a 12 gauge.

I guess the best route would be to get a normal recurve right? I remember on the London 2012 Olympics I seen a lot of HOYT bows..and when they shot the bow it would rotate after? :S Whats with that? ( I have room to practise and a good job so send me some good bows that I should checkout ) and any other advice for getting into Competitive Archery would be appreciated!

For Competitive Target Shooting.... I know everyones gonna say start with a .22lr.... I did with a Rifle but im not sure I want to even bother getting one in a pistol? What about starting with a 9mm? But Which Caliber do handgun competitions usually happen with? I live in Ontario, Canada. Where can I find pistol competitions? How do people get to make it to the Olympics for these 2 Sports?

I really want to get into one or the other in these Sports. I just need some help,advice and suggestions.. :)

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    Look for an NRA sanctioned Bullseye match in your area. Ask around at some gun stores and somebody will be able to point you in the right direction.

    In Bullseye Pistol, also called Conventional Pistol, you shoot .22 Long Rifle and .45 acp at 25 yard and 50 yard targets. You don't have to shoot the .45 Stage, you can start by shooting only the .22 stage.

    It's a great fun and a great way to learn to shoot pistols. You will need a good .22 target pistol - typically Ruger, Smith & Wesson, or High Standard - a spotting scope, a pistol box to carry everything to the matches, ammo, ear protection, and eye protection. Try it; you'll like it, and you will meet a lot of like-minded guys.

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    As for target archery, I would definitely get a recurve bow. If you want to go more "technical" a compound bow would work as well. Most archery/sports stores that sell archery equipment will help you measure your arm span to find the right size bow, and you should try out different pound pulls to see how strong a bow you can get. I got my traditional recurve from Cabelas and am very pleased with it. It is a take down bow though, so it is good for travel. Also definitely go with field tip points for target shooting...

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    If you can handle a .243, a 9mm will be a good starter. I think competitions like Bianchi Cup use .45ACP. Not sure, tho. Check with your local gunshop..they should be able to help you out.

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