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Question.Have you upgreated to windows 8?

Is it good?

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    No I'm not a windows person I'm a Mac person but I have heard that many people don't like their new interface.

    Here are some reviews:

    I don't know how many people like the interface but I think it might make people not want to use it, and will want to only have windows seven, or good for apple, bad for windows people might switch entirely.

    I hope this helps you in your descion!

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    This is the biggest change to the Windows OS since the launch of Windows 95. The new operating system improves substantially on Windows 7, it is a testimony of modern engineering but it's not quite perfect and it will confuse new users, like anything new it will need getting used to.I am seriously thinking about upgrading mine, Here are a few good things about it-:

    On the right hardware, it's sleek, fast and fun

    Huge security improvements

    Better battery life, faster boot

    Great for touch.

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