Im single and spend waaay too much money on groceries?

First thing Im gonna mention is, I live in Canada, so food is a lot more expensive here than in the States. Next is that I am 6'1, 235 lbs, male. When I say groceries, I mean everything you buy at the grocery store, that includes food, toiletries, pet food (I have one cat), toilet paper, paper towels, etc, etc. I also am including eating out or ordering in which I try to limit to once or twice a week.

Right now I am spending about $600 CAD per month on all this stuff. Where am I going wrong? I go on the net and do a search and it seems that the average person spends about a third of this per month. How is that even possible? What do I do? I dont even eat that much anymore.


Thanks guys. All of you helped me out here. Yes, we do have a Costco and I do have a membership. But I never go. Maybe I will start. And yes I buy a lot of food that you just warm up to eat. So I definetely see where all my money is going and I will try to plan a little better.

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    Keep in mind that at your age and size, you're probably eating as much as you ever will. You're going to spend more than a little old lady does, simply because you need more food to keep yourself going. But I live in Canada too, I'm approaching little old lady age, and while I don't keep close track, I probably spend around $300 on food alone. Mind you, I eat well. No garbage processed food.

    Take restaurant meals out of your food budget. They are more entertainment than food, unless you're stuck somewhere where eating out is the only option. Likewise for toilet paper and paper towels. They are not food. Even with those things, buy in multiples when you see a good price. They don't spoil and unless you live in one room you can find a place to store a few extras.

    I would worry less about the total amount you spend than whether or not you're getting a good bang for your buck on the food you do buy. Are you buying very many prepared foods, things you only have to heat up? They are expensive. Learn to make a few things from scratch and you can save quite a bit.

    Plan your meals so you waste as little as possible.

    If you have a freezer, make use of it. If you are currently buying a couple of pieces of chicken at a time, buy the larger packages and freeze some. Almost everything is cheaper in multiples.

    Are you buying a lot of snack and junk food? Don't. It's expensive and almost always a poor buy in terms of nutrition.

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    Some of the ways that my husband and I keep our grocery costs down are;

    We make a menu. You can do either for a couple weeks or a month. Plan out what you want to eat for each meal. Then make a grocery list of what you will need to buy for each meal. Buy only what's on your list. If you usually eat snacks or junk food plan for that as well, because you will probably still buy it and its better to plan for it so you don't have surprising costs.

    Make a budget. Stay as close to it as possible when shopping. Maybe just take cash so you know exactly how much you have to spend and won't go over it.

    Buy in bulk. For items that won't go bad quickly or that you use a lot, ie toilet paper, cat food etc. buy larger amounts. It is usually less money per ounce or pound when you buy large quantities. Of course only buy what you can afford and have room to store. If you won't use all of it in time, maybe have a friend go halves with you on somethings they will use. For example, if you both like a certain kind of cereal, buy bulk bags and then split the cost and product.

    Make only 1 shopping trip per every 2 or 4 weeks. The less often you go to the store, the less you will spend.

    Always eat something before you go grocery shopping. If you are hungry when you shop you will generally buy more because suddenly everything sounds delicious.

    Lastly, I don't know how available coupons are around you or the coupon policies of stores in your area, but if possible, use coupons. You can usually find lots online. Also, you can email or mail letters to manufacturers and compliment them on their products and ask for coupons. Often they will send you high value coupons on products that you regularly use.

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    One buy all paper products at the grocery store is expensive. But it in bulk at a discount place such as sams club, or costco. Even wal mart is cheaper. Same for the pet foods and cat litter.

    That should help cut down what you spend a month.

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    You are probably throwing stuff away because you don't eat it before it spoils. It is hard to find groceries in quantities for one; most is in amounts for couples or families. The best trick is to utilize freezing and make a regular size EXTENDABLE recipe and save some for later. Like lasagna, chicken pot pie, stroganof. Also a ready-prepared rotisserie chicken (around $7) will give you sliced meat, chicken salad, and broth for noodle soup (simmer bones and skin in a little water, add packaged broth) - that's 3 meals or more. The more you are willing to make from scratch the more you'll save. Convenience foods will KILL your budget compared to cooking meals yourself. Check out Rachel Ray's show on FoodNetwork about cooking once for a week of meals..

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    Do you have Costco or Sams in Canada? Buying in bulk at a warehouse store can save a lot in the long run. They are good for buying paper goods, detergents too because you can stock up.

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    Coupons and Costco! Buy in bulk and save on what you buy in bulk. If you have a printer, try going on websites that let you print coupons. Also, are you buying everything name brand or generic things too? I find that if I buy generic groceries such as dairy products and canned goods, I save a huge margin on my receipts! Good luck!

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    read flyers, and stock up when stuff goes on sale. trust, this helps... it's simple yet it works :). but ya, wal mart and costco is cheaper, generally, if you just want stuff at your convenience.

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