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Lymphoma? Really scared and want answers?

So since about March I have had a lymp node that started with a pea size and has grown to like the size of a golf ball and now there are a few more. I've been on tons of antibiotics and been tested for mono but nothing has given me answers. It's not painful except when I drink and then it becomes very painful. I can't get into my doctor for 2 months but I'm kind of freaking out. I also have this bad pain behind my shoulder on the same side for about 2 months and its just getting worse. I had an x-ray and had it looked at by a physiotherapist but nothing showed anything. I'm wondering if I should try and get into another doctor or something sooner.... Should I be worried?

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    Emily, you really need to be your own health advocate. I am speaking from experience....I found a tiny lump in my breast and insisted it be investigated....ended up being breast cancer but I got it early. Now I'm a huge believer in insisting to your doctor to do further tests because you need to set your mind at peace. This situation is stressing you out and rightly so. If your doctor is not willing to do further tests then I suggest you get a second opinion.

    You need to get further tests to rule out Hodgkins Lymphoma. It probably is not but you need to check to make sure because it can be cured when caught early.

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    Theres almost a 95% chance it's not Cancer. Don't freak out.. it could be an infection coming, during, or still going away. Same with allergies. I wouldn't be concerned if it's painful because Cancer doesn't cause lymph nodes to be painful when swollen. Just in case, check it out with a different doc to be sure. Try to even get a physical. It could also be a cyst and those eventually go away because you haven't clarified any symptoms. Good luck!

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    We honestly can't make a lymphoma analysis over the internet sight unseen. do no longer believe anyone who says they can make a analysis from this description. the in common words thanks to "get solutions" is to biopsy a lymph node - extraordinarily the golf ball length node. There are over thirty sorts of lymphoma - all diverse diseases. almost all of lymphomas cutting-edge with familiar CBC's - no longer intense white cellular counts.

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    That's not lymphoma. There are many other causes, you could have an infection, sinus issues, allergies, etc. An x-ray would be able to determine if it was lymphoma. By now you would have had more symptoms than swollen lymph nodes if it was lymphoma.

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