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Is soda and alcohol a bad mix?

Due to me always being depressed, I used to mix vodka and kool aid in 7th grade. I haven't drunk in a month so should I continue but using soda and vodka or something, just to ease my depression.

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    just to let you know..alcohol is a depressant and makes depression much me on that one. it also raises the likely hood of alcoholism and mixed with drinking at that young of an age is even worse. Im not here to judge you but id feel bad if i didnt warn you that its quite harmful to your body.

    but to answer your question,vodka will mix with anything really. Id stick to sprite or a lemon soda for it though, just tastes better i think. also hawian punch is alot better than kool aid i think. i usually go with some hawian punch,pineapple or limeade concentrate,lemon lime soda, and ice. you can also make a nice punch out of that as well..throw in some everclear and its smooth sailing.

    also orange juice and cranberry juice are go to's for vodka

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    The first trimester is the most importnt time to stay away from alcohol, and most doctors agree that having a few glasses of wine/beer a week once you are 25 weeks is fine. Getting drunk should never happen though. Personally I don't think I would drink while pregnant, but in moderation it's fine.

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    I wouldn't answer depression with alcohol, it is a depressant. Sometimes answers are found in a clear mind, not a clouded one because you'll see some light glimmer through, but you will never experience the fullness of it all. I have had relatives who I will never meet because of depression associated with alcoholism, which is why I don't condone drinking in order to alleviate depression. It hides you from yourself, so you always be left with questions but no answers.

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    Do what you want its your life .... no people mix soda and alcohol all the time. Use has no calories. Mix dark with coke or pepsi and light with anything you want. coffee, soda , gatorade, redbull but dont drink too much unless you want too . They say red bull and vodka or whatever is bad for your heart BUT they serve it in the bars all night long and people buy it and nothing goes wrong with their heart. your choice

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    8 years ago

    If your asking this question your obviously to young to drink and have problems if your using it for depression then don't you drink and go out have fun. Alcohol just makes depression worse bud

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    From my experience, i drank Coke and Smirnoff in Grade 10.

    Boy that was horrible.Felt like vomitting, smelt bad.Tasted like some medicine.Made me feel light and sleepy.It was bad.

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    :( I can understand the need to alleviate your pain if you can't currently find help, but if there's anything you can do, please get help. Alcohol only makes depression worse over time.

    Anyway, soda's a pretty normal mixer.

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