Was anyone else impressed & surprised when Alberto Del Rio pulled off & perfectly executed a moonsault on SD?

I am not surprised that ADR was able to do it since he is a great athlete and totally capable of it. However, when was the last time we saw anyone do a moonsault? It is a rare move these days and I remember Cody Rhodes being the most recent to do it.

Thats not to say other guys can't do it, but it is definitely a move that only certain guys can pull off.

Del Rio gets shortchanged soooo much by people and criticized unfairly but the bottom line is that he always has a good match with everybody and is one of the best athletes and performers on the roster.

Obviously I am a huge ADR fan, he is probably my favorite along with Wade, Sandow, Drew & Cody but I hate how he is being booked. Losing 3 times to Orton, losing to Cena last week and another loss vs Sheamus. I really dont know where his character is going, but I hope they build him up soon.

That moonsault tonight was perfect and the second one he attempted was even impressive how he rolled through. Hopefully that garners him some much deserved respect!

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    Suprised by the moonsault? Yes? Impressed? Very. Del Rio never fails to impress me and he once again proved that he is the real deal last Friday night. The guy honestly doesn't get enough credit nor does the WWE mostly take what skill he does have into consideration. Instead, he's jobbing to others when there's so much more they can do with a talented guy such as him. I loved how Del Rio did that first moonsault with such ease and the second one had to be my fave, just by the way how he was able to pull it off after not catching Sheamus with it. He's definitely one of the most promising talents of the roster, which I hope to see being used better some time in 2013.

  • 7 years ago

    Impressed? Yes, ADR is a big guy and that type of move isn't easy for the big guys. Surprised? No. I watched him in CMLL as Dos Caras Jr long before he signed with the WWE. I know full well what he's capable of in the ring. He's not the agile speed demon Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are, but he IS a well-trained and very experienced luchador very adept at that style. I've seen Dos Caras Jr flying around the ring doing things that would shock the "WWE universe". Vince only allows ADR to do a fraction of what he's capable of, instead having him be almost strictly a brawler with an "MMA" type of finisher.

    If Vince would allow ADR to be more Dos Caras Jr we'd see a whole lot better matches from him. Why Vince is squandering that talent and abilities, I don't know.

  • 7 years ago

    Not really surprised, he is an athletic guy, not everyone could do the move, so I guess you could say it is impressive! Also true that the Moonsault is a very rare move, it is a risky move so WWE will only let people they trust do moves that risky, which also says a lot about ADR!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Del Rio is an amazing wrestler and one of my current favorites. The fans that hate him are just tards. They say they don't like him cause he's "boring on the mic", but yet they worship other wrestlers that suck on the mic because "They're godly in the ring!" ADR's actually very good on the mic, he's excellent in the ring, and he has an awesome gimmick. I hope to see him go far in WWE.

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  • 3 years ago

    Hes no longer THAT undesirable easily because of the fact he good points some huge@$$ warmth from the gang widespread. i think of he'd make a extra advantageous face than heel easily. Alberto Del Rio + Heel mic skills isn't good!

  • Timmy
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Del Rio is very talented he just seems to be stuck in a rut and limited on what he's able to showcase due to the angles he's constantly being given.

  • 5 years ago

    He is very talented so nope

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