how do I set yahoo mail as default in windows 7?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Click this link, (below) from Yahoo, for detailed instructions on making Yahoo your default mail client on----*Internet Explorer*.

    You WILL be required to download Yahoos "newest" toolbar----use the "download" link that is on that page, to be sure and get the correct one.

    That download adds Yahoo! Mail to your PC's list of email programs to choose from. (when you follow the instructions, by clicking on the-- "Install the Yahoo Mail Plug-in, and make Yahoo Mail my default mail provider"--checkbox.)

    THEN, after you've chosen Yahoo! Mail as your PC's default email application (client), Yahoo! Mail will open when you click "ANY" email link in "ANY" browser, at ''ANY'' time.

  • dorais
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    4 years ago

    From what I have learn there's a option for the period of the set up of the toolbar to make Yahoo mail the default. It installs a few style of upload directly to manage it. It is way simpler in Firefox. You simply cross to gear > choices > programs. Scroll all the way down to MAILTO and choose Yahoo Mail from the dropdown menu. ??????q  ? ??? ?

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