Can North Korea give clues about the beginning of religious myth?

How easy is to start a divine story line?

"The news is just the latest in a series of myths trumpeted by North Korean news sources: They had previously reported that Kim Jong Il was born beneath a double rainbow and that a new star appeared when he was born, that Jong Il learned to walk at three weeks old, and shot a round of golf that included 11 holes-in-one."

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  • 8 years ago
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    They also found a unicorn cave a few days ago.

  • aamil
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    4 years ago

    North Korea would not want conflict. they prefer interest and concessions. in spite of the indisputable fact that I doubt Japan and South Korea are going to be affected human being a lot longer with those consistent threats and bullying tactics and the DPRK would finally end up with a conflict anyhow.

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