What kind of First Aid certificate do I need to work as an environmental technician?

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I am a recent graduate from a Canadian university with an M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering. I have been looking for work for about 6 months now. Haven't got any luck on that, so I decided to expand my search from environmental engineers/scientists to environmental technicians and field technicians. I noticed that some companies said having H2S Alive and First Aid tickets would be considered as an asset. I just got the H2S Alive today, and now I am looking into the First Aid certification. However, there are so many different kinds of First Aid certificates available. The job postings just say "First Aid" without specifying which one. Can anyone please give me an idea about what kind of First Aid courses employers in Alberta expect their applicants to have? Is it the Standard First Aid or the Emergency First Aid? CPR level A or level C? Also, am I really increasing my chances of getting hired by doing that or am I just wasting my money, which I don't have much left?

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    8 years ago
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    You need to look for an "Occupational First Aid Level 1" or equivalent course (sometimes called "Emergency First Aid for Industry"). These are courses recognized by either WorkSafe in BC or WCB in Alberta (I'm assuming that is where you are looking for work if H2S Alive is required). St John Ambulance holds these courses on a regular basis as they are required for almost any position working in the patch. Standard First Aid, while a lovely little course, is not recognized by either WorkSafe or WCB.

    Source(s): Paramedic and First Aid Instructor
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