Kinetic energy or momentum?

I'm really confused! After a collision, how would I know which formulas to use? I noticed this a few days ago, but when I use the conservation of energy to calculate the final speed of an object, the answer would be different from using conservation of momentum.

I don't know why I noticed this a few days ago (tomorrow is my exam), I've been using kinetic energy and momentum for 3 courses now >.>

Someone please help explain when I should use momentum vs kinetic energy..


Okay, here is an example:

a car of mass m collides with a stationary truck of mass M

the car's initial velocity is Vi. The car's final velocity is 0

find the truck's final velocity

so if I do momentum

p1i + p2i = p1f + p2f

p1i + 0 = 0 + p2f

mVi = MVf

(m/M)*Vi = Vf

But if I use kinetic energy

K1i + K2i = K1f + K2f

K1i + 0 = 0 + K2f

0.5*m*Vi^2 = 0.5*M*Vf^2

[(m/M)*Vi^2]^0.5 = Vf or Vf = Vi*((m/M)^0.5)

^0.5 is square root

Clearly, I got a different answer....

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  • 8 years ago
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    Momentum is always conserved

    Kinetic Energy is not conserved (KE converts to other forms heat, sound,etc) in Inelastic Collisions. In an Inelastic Collision the objects stick together and move as a single mass (Example: a bullet hits a wood block and the bullet/block move as one mass. You need only balance momentum

    Kinetic Energy is conserved in an Elastic Collision. In an Elastic Collision the objects bounce apart (Example: A steel ball bearing hits a steel block and bounces off. In this case you must balance momentum and kinetic energy

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  • fenn
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    4 years ago

    pretend the mass is 2kg and the object is vacationing at 1m/s. KE = ½ x 2 x a million² = 1J Momentum = 2 x a million = 2kgm/s If the kinetic potential is more effective by technique of three hundred%, meaning it truly is more effective by technique of 3J, and the recent kinetic potential is a million+3 = 4J. the recent speed is given by technique of ½ x 2 x v² = 4 giving v= 2m/s. New momentum = 2x2 = 4kgm/s The momentum has doubled (from 2 to 4), that is a upward thrust of one hundred%. So the great answer is a million).

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  • 8 years ago

    Use work energy relation:-

    =>W = ∆E

    or Use law of energy conservation:-

    =>ME = constant

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