What are some advantages and disadvantages of the steam engine?

I am kinda drawing a blank sorry

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  • 8 years ago
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    The steam engine is relatively 'low tech' so it was invented a long time ago and could be built with the technology that existed at the time. It can be made to burn any kind of fuel--wood, coal, gas, etc. It's relatively simple as engines go. It powered the Industrial Revolution.

    The disadvantages are that it takes a while for the engine to 'warm up', to create steam pressure, and in many cases this includes building a fire. It's not very efficient in terms of the amount of mechanical energy you get from a given amount of fuel. And lower efficiency, besides using more fuel, also means more pollution.

  • 8 years ago

    Compared to what? At the time steam engines were developed, it was just horse and buggy. Steam engines could go further and pull much heavier loads. On the negative, they exploded now and then. They required constant influx of coal and/or wood. The smoke was very sooty - my guess is that the engineers had higher rates of lung issues.

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