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im considering buying a sword?

im looking at swords online... and have so far set my sights on a 68" sephiroth style replica... its fully functional which is a must in my opinion. and i was wondering if anyone else has some other suggestions? it doesnt have to be a replica from anything. maybe just other styles? please pass on advice.


i've read a few comments and i see i wasnt too specific... i sort of just asked this quickly without too much detail. it will be mainly for hanging on the wall. im not going to pretend i'm some master ready to swing it around at nothing lol. and when i said "functional" i meant that it is merely edged and could cut if swung. (not say it will be) and again.. im not dead set on a fantasy style sword. i am only looking for one that would appeal to me. i have my own reasons for buying and i value all your opinions. thank you :P

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    First you need to establish what the sword is for; decoration or swordsmanship practice. If you're looking to only cut stuff up in your backyard (which is quite common with sword enthusiasts) your money could be much better spent. If it's for decoration, then just whatever tickles your fancy. If for legitimate swordsmanship, then it's best to find a legitimate teacher and discuss swords with him/her for what would work best.

    If you're looking to own a legitimate sword, which does have it's appeal, but does fall under the decoration category, then there are a few things you should know. Phrases like "combat ready" and "fully functional" are marketing phrases to lure in buyers. These are second rate wall-hangers and not legitimate. Just because it's a sharp piece of metal doesn't mean it's legit. There is far more to a sword than just the metal of the blade, or whether or not it's full tang. Fittings are equally important, if not more.

    This site sells legitimate swords for legitimate martial art practice. And if you're wondering, they are in fact fairly priced. Real swords are not cheap.

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    A sword of that length cannot be functional just because of the length. Longer it is more stress it puts on a sword when cutting and a design like that would snap very easily. There is a reason why it’s a fictional sword after all.

    If you wanted a long traditional sword I would look into miao dao. It’s a long Chinese sword developed after encountering the Japanese pirates all the way back in history. Pretty much it was a Chinese take on the katana and made modifications to fit their needs.

    Also Bagua zhang’s dao is also very big. It’s just a huge version of a normal dao though.

    Then there is the horse cutter thing in Japan. But those weren’t really used and was created more as a novelty item at that time period I think.

    I would also advise the 'wrist breaker' heavy calvary saber from the US civil war period for chopping power, a small sword (of any period) if you want elegance, and rapier if you want something light yet can defend against heavy duty swords.

    Personally I like the Napoleon era sabers very much for functionality and design. But then again I’m a saber fencer, so I’m biased. I would like a gladius if I had to choose any non fencing swords to keep, but to fight I would take an average katana if I couldn’t have my fencing blades.

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    You might want to have a look at the Sword Buyer's Guide. They have reviews of hundreds of swords of all types. They focus on functional swords under $300. Check out the "Real Swords 101" section at the top left of the homepage. The site has tons of information, so you can make an educated purchase.

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    That's a fantasy sword. What exactly is it functional for? What kind of techniques would you do in reality with a sword of such length? A naginata is long but there is a reason it does not have a blade the full length of the weapon. A sword this long with only a very short handle like on a katana would be very difficult to control. So I am genuinely curious what function they advertise you can do with such a sword.

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  • Joshua
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    Man, a 68" sword is far from functional.

    Just put $20 into an Ontario machete and get something you might actually use in the next five years.

  • J
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    Yeah because any sword based on Final Fantasy has to be functional. If folks don't use to it train in martial arts, cut tatami mats with it's not functional and likely if you swung it around it would fly apart and could possible injure you.

    Look at brands like Cold Steel, Chessnes etc. They make ones folks can train with. But they won't be cheap like wall hangers.

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  • 8 years ago

    Here's an idea... learn something about swords before you start wasting your money on such junk. Fully functional... I doubt it. Wallhanger.

  • Anonymous
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    If you want to do that extra multiplayer stuff, you might need the GBA version too. If it's for gamecube though, I think all you'll ever need is 4 controllers

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    I assume you want a length. A longsword might do but I admire your opinion. I'm not very great with length because they aren't balanced enough. I make it up by learning how to throw short rapiers.

  • 8 years ago

    Steel Greatsword.


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