Canadian citizenship?

Well, I was born in Vancouver, and my first nationality was Canadian, yet, I'm half german and half portuguese descendant.

When I was 6, me and my mom left canada to live in Lisbon (Portugal), so my mother decided that it would be easier if I adopted the portuguese nationality by proving I had a portuguese father, but my mother always wanted me to be german too.

In order to please her, and after asking if I could have 3 nationalities (which was denied), I've decided to get the german citizenship and loose the canadian one. So now I'm just portuguese and german.

I'm afraid I've made a mistake. What do you think?

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    8 years ago
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    From what you've said, you're still Canadian. To lose your Canadian citizenship you have to formally renounce your citizenship and then the federal government will give you a paper to prove that you have done so legally. Since you haven't done that you're still Canadian.

  • 8 years ago

    Your born in Canada so your Canadian.

    You can't lose your Canadian citizenship if your born in Canada.

    Its called dual citizenship. You can have as many you would want.

    And live in whatever country as long you have their passport.

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