New phone, Samsung Galaxy Ace?

So right now i have samsung intensity and i really want a new phone. under 200$ prepaid and with telus.

im thinking of samsung galaxy ace, opinions on it?

thanks :)

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    8 years ago
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    The samsung galaxy ace is... 2 yeard old? the processor in it is damm slow and the screen sensitivity is just horrible. i have a friend using it, he spent 3 whole minutes trying to open his facebook, excluding the constant shutters and laginess of the phone.

    Buy a phone with at least 2 cores, it will run smoother. I suggest SONY XPERIA U or SONY XPERIA SOLA or SONY XPERIA P or HTC ONE S. The xperia p and One s maybe a little off ur mark, but are really good phones. xperia u doesnt have micro sd but has a beautiful design, whereas SOLA offers expandable storage but lacks the beauty of the xperia U

    Source(s): Personal experiance. SONY FTW#
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