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how do i get 360 waves with sportin waves pomade?

i cant get 360 waves i have a soft brush wave cap pomade moisturizer. i brush my hair a lot but i cant get waves plz help.

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    8 years ago
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    Sportin waves are alright but if you want to get real defined waves in about a week, use scurl "no drip" activator along with carrot cream, do that after you get out of the shower at night then put your durag on, and go to sleep with that on and when you wake up they should be way more noticeable, and for the best results, use wave builder products (brush in waves, deep waves, spin'n classic, etc) and that should get you spinnin

  • 4 years ago

    Dont use dax! Use sportin waves 360 type and duke these are the best manufacturers DAX dries your hair out killin your waves. Additionally hold it reduce low however now not all the means cut. Also ensure you utilize a doo-rag each night. = ]

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