PhD in astronomy, what Bachelor's should I get?

I'm considering taking, "Physics and Astronomy" at the University of Waterloo and I plan on going to UBC for my PhD in astronomy or physics. I'm only worried that my Bachelors might not be the exact Degree I need for the graduate program. Could someone please tell me if that Bachelors degree is fine to apply for a PhD in astronomy or physics? Thanks a lot.

Side note: I know that the job market for astronomers is scarce. Would my Bachelors in, "Physics and Astronomy" help me get a good job that doesn't necessarily include astronomy?


Thanks, If I wanted to get a PhD in physics would my Bachelors in, "physics and astronomy" allow me to be accepted into the graduate program?

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    You need a strong background in physics to apply to graduate programs in astronomy. Most PhD programs require you take the physics GRE, and you need a physics major to prepare for it. Yes, there are very few jobs in astronomy. You'll need to be good at what you do and willing to move just about anywhere in the world to do it. A bachelors in physics is a useful degree; astronomy, not so much. If you earn a PhD in astronomy or physics, you can find other applications for the large amount of math, physics, and computer science you learned.

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