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Will there be more Narnia movies?

I absolutely love the narnia books and I really enjoyed the movies too..I was a little disappointed in all the changes made from the dawn treader to the movie, but anyway...I heard that walden media's contract expired or something like that...and I was just wondering if that means that there's for sure gonna be no more narnia movies. Personally I think since all the movies with the pevensies as children have been made, it's really never too late to continue with the movies, same actors and all. I just would really like to see the other books on the big screen, I've heard speculations about either the magicians nephew or the silver chair being next...I'd be fine with either. Really I'm just looking for recent news...anyone know anything?

Thanks in advance! And sorry if this was confusing!

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    According to Wikipedia the answer to your question is a complex one:

    As there are seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia, each book could potentially become a theatrical feature film.[6] Although they originally produced the films in the same order as the book series' original publication, 20th Century Fox, Walden Media, and the C.S Lewis Estate selected The Magician's Nephew, which recounts the creation of Narnia, to be the basis for the fourth movie, instead of The Silver Chair.[7] Shortly before Perry Moore's death in February 2011, he told his family that he had secured funding for such a film. In March 2011, Walden Media confirmed that they intended The Magician's Nephew to be next in the series, but stressed that it was not yet in development.[8]

    In October 2011, Douglas Gresham stated that Walden Media's contract with the C. S. Lewis estate had expired, with Walden Media no longer having exclusive purchasing rights to any further Narnia films. Thus any production of a future film is on hold indefinitely.

    It was originally assumed that 2014 would be the earliest that production on another Narnia film could begin, according to the moratorium placed on the C. S. Lewis estate's right to sell the books' film option.[9][10][11] However, in May 2012, Gresham confirmed that technically any studio still has the option of making a Narnia film during the moratorium, but without the involvement of Walden Studios it cannot be released until 2018 at the earliest (the actual end year of the moratorium).[12] Gresham also hinted that Walden Media's lapse in renegotiating their contract with the C. S. Lewis estate was due to internal conflicts between both companies about the direction of future films.[12] Contrary to Walden Media's initial plan, Gresham stated that he plans for The Silver Chair to be the next film to be made, hinting that future films might be made independently.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Well considering the first 3 movies combined box office gross was over a billion dollars & considering their are 7 books to adapt into films id say the answer is a BIG FAT YES

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