Il pseudonimo vs. lo pseudonimo?

I am taking a beginners italian class and we were asked to write the articolo determinativo for a bunch of words. I looked the above word in the dictionary and saw it was a masculin noun so the article could either be "il" or "lo" (since it clearly doesn't begin with a vowel. In my textbook it says that "lo" is only used with a noun that begins with s + t or "z". Since this one does not begin with either of those, the article has to be "il". My teacher, however said that it was "lo".... Can someone please explain why?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Your book is inaccurate.

    You use "lo" in front of ps, pn, gn, s+consonant, x, y, and z.

    In every other cases of masculine nouns you use "il".

    So it's "lo pseudonimo".

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    8 years ago

    Sorry for my english improprieties because i'm italian.

    "Il" si usa d'innanzi ad una consonante, il suo plurale è "i", il plurale mantiene le stesse regole del suo singolare "il".

    "lo" è usato d'innanzi a gn, ps, z, x, y, s + consonante "gli" è il suo plurale e rispecchi in tutto e per tutto le regole di lo


    I'm motherlanguage in italian.

    If you want help, contact me.

    @Marco "lo pseudonimo it's not an exeption

  • 8 years ago

    It's ''lo pseudonimo''. It's an exception :) :)

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