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J asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 8 years ago

Do you think it's tacky (improper)?

I responded a couple days ago to someone asking for donations. She had cashed her check and put the $400 in her purse, and failed to zip it up in public. It was stolen. She doesn't have children of her own, but pleaded for donations to replace the money to buy Christmas presents. I felt it was tacky, even though it was really unfortunate. ¿he mentioned the excess would be donated to a prominant charity. I know my response wasn't positive.. and feel a bit guilty about saying what I said...that it wasn't an emergency, and I wouldn't dare do that. Even though I am destitute, about to lose my house, and can't afford to pay my bills (which are basic) and seeking work after a perm lay-off.

Does anyone else think that request was tacky? Or would you make the donation? Just curious..what are your thoughts?

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    well--honestly-I am a bit of a cynic and believe that people of character would not beg for lost christmas money....I have been pitifully poor and if I'd lost that money-I would just tell my loved ones that I would write them all something--or make something for them--before I would ask strangers to fund an already materialistic holiday. now if I had kids--I would beg for food money-that is all.

    i suspect that there was no robbery--I'm sorry I wouldn't believe this...but I am a bit of a cynic, after all! 400 bucks is a lot of money to leave open in a bag....

  • J-Dawn
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    8 years ago

    It's pretty gauche. But then I see so many people abuse the system.

    A couple of years ago, there was a family in my community who sent their kids to the daycare where I worked. Right around Christmas time they made such a fuss about not having angels on the Angel Tree (an anonymous gift donation for people less fortunate) and someone rallied the local business and got several thousand dollars worth of toys, clothes, shoes, and other items donated for them. Then it turned out that they not only had angels, but they had angels in several other counties as well.

    It's really sad that I've become such a cynic at Christmas, which is the time for giving. I only donate to foundations that I know are legit (like the ALS Foundation) and things like Salvation Army.

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