Who would you choose for to play the characters in les miserables?

I need to come up with actors/actresses that are suited for these les miserables roles, preferably living ones. I also need strong reasoning! Thanks a ton!

Jean Valjean

Éponine Thénardier

Mr and Mrs. Thénardier




l'Évêque de Digne - Monsieur Myriel




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    Jean Valjean - Liam Neeson; he was in the 1998 movie and he fits Valjean physically and acting-wise. (Valjean is supposed to be tall and reeeeeeeeallly strong)

    Eponine - Evan Rachel Wood. She was set to play Eponine in the 2012 film but dropped out because she had a jaw accident. She looks like a more beautiful version of Eponine from the book. (Eponine is rugged, with messy hair. She's almost crazy about Marius. Literally)

    Monsieur Thenardier - John C. Reilly or Danny DeVito. They could play the creepy side of Thenardier really well. (Javert is supposed to be shorter than his majestically tall and wide wife. And he's a villain, mean and nasty)

    Cosette - Emmy Rossum (she looks like Cosette in the novel), Astrid Berges Frisbey (she's also a lot like Hugo's Cosette looks-wise), Alexis Bledel (she's maybe a little too old). (Remember, Cosette has brown hair in the book)

    Javert - Javier Bardem (he looks like Hugo's Javert, with the flat nose and all) or Alan Rickman.

    Monsieur Myriel - Any old Hollywood star in his 70s/80s with a very kind looking face and a pleasing, soothing speaking voice.

    Enjolras - Someone really handsome, tall, blonde, with bright blue eyes and a strong personality.

    Gavroche - Finn Burridge - he is Arthur in BBC's "The Paradise" and his character there is totally Gavroche.

    Fantine - Rosamund Pike, or Romola Garai. Fantine is constantly called "the blonde" in the book and she's got blue eyes, and she's extremely beautiful. Both actresses fit that very well.

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