What career path should I follow, a Business Analyst or Information Security Analyst?

Trying to decide, currently a Systems Administrator

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    7 years ago
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    I have no idea. Do whatever you think fits YOU best.

    all I know is that I was a sysadmin myself on RHEL systems for quite a while before I got into security...my current roles defiantly include infosec analyst... I also do pen tests and some limited research.

    Some people really enjoy working in "offensive security" (you know, pen tests and other red team stuff.. basically getting paid to hack..,) but others are fooled with false hopes, etc... let's face it..compliance.. it's not exiting.

    Sit down, long and hard...and think about what you'd like to be doing...EVERY SINGLE DAY... really think about it. IT work seems to drive many people over the edge... so just think about yourself and your future.

    Source(s): CompSci graduate. Former sysadmin. CISSP, CEPT & some more...
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  • 3 years ago

    i've got been the two and prefer Analyst. The pay is comparable, and Analysts are not getting off-shored as frequently as builders. in spite of the shown fact that it particularly relies upon on what you like doing for artwork... they are 2 very distinctive jobs.

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