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Loose jeans/pants for women?

Where (online or in-store) can I buy loose-fit jeans for women? I've tried the "boyfriend" cut and honestly, they're full of crap when they say they're anything close to a dude's jeans.

I really like the way snowboard pants, construction pants/overalls, and cargo pants fit. Is there anything more easily obtainable out there?

I've seen a few women wearing them, but I've never actually been able to ask.

Some examples:

It's even hard to find the ones I'm talking about online without them being rave pants or hipster jeans.

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    By "rave pants" do you mean phat pants? If so you should check out kikwear! I've heard ebay and etsy have some decent ones but I've never looked. Good luck!!

    P.S. You should go like my Facebook page! I make custom rave wear and other sexy stuff(:

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