I keep getting sexually touched at school by 3 boys.. Help!?

We're out on Xmas break now. But it's been a long journey. They've been staring at my breats, butt. They stare at me everytime I see them. And they don't like me. They like this other girl. It's been happening since the 1st day of school. They were staring at me. And it slowy progressed on. From staring>inappropriate staring>touching. They'd always wait for me to walk off the bus and he touched my butt!!! What makes him think he can touch me!!?! I hadn't talked to him! I don't even know his name. They're all ganging up against me. Im so tired of this. I feel so violated and i feel like my body isn't even mine. I can't have a good Xmas because of this on my mind. I'm too scared to tell. My mom doesn't really care. I'm scared they'll do it again. But i don't know... They keep staring at me. And it's way to much. Please someone help me!!

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  • ict39
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    8 years ago
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    There's not much you can do about staring other than ignore it. As for inappropriate touching or language here's what you do:

    1. Go to your school counselor. Tell them what's going on and tell them you demand the boys be told their actions are inappropriate and unwanted and any further action will be considered sexual harassment and you will file charges with the police.

    2. Require the boys to sign a paper acknowledging they were told and keep a copy of it.

    3. Make your counselor sign a statement acknowledging what you told them.

    If they have any brains, they'll stop. If they touch you, call the police and have them arrested for sexual assault. If the counselor refuses, call the police and have them charged with child endangerment.

    Source(s): Employee representative for many years. Sexual harassment/assault is a serious offense.
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  • 8 years ago

    Tell the teachers, your parents, and the police.

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  • owain
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    8 years ago

    You need to tell the teachers.

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