Is what I'm thinking of a good idea for medical school?

I want to go to medical school (I'm still in high school), and i'm trying to figure out what I'll be studying for the first four years of university. I know some med schools have prerequisites, but I'm wondering if what I was thinking of doing is a good idea. I know University of Toronto offers a four year para medicine program, and I was wondering if studying this would be a good idea before med school. I was also thinking of being a paramedic a bit before applying, to get accustomed to working in the healthcare field. Any thoughts on this??

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    8 years ago
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    Anything medically-related will do as an undergraduate major. I'm not sure the paramedic angle works (it can be a very intensive commitment, and in Toronto, a professional one you can't just volunteer for), but having some commitment to health care delivery works well. That can be in research, public service, etc.

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