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is it creepy if I start the conversation again?

K, so. This summer i met this girl at a wedding(lets call her jane). My 1st cousin knows her because she is his cousin's cousin and they meet alot at partys etc.So I met jane at the wedding and since the festivities were for like 5 days we got to see each other alot. When we talked we figured out that she used to goto the same school as me in kindergarten lol.. So after the wedding and stuff, my cousin was talking to jane's sister on bbm. My cousin was joking around and he told jane's sister that i think she is cute(jane's sister is cute) and then she said awwwww and then she said " oh i thought he(meaning I) liked jane.. then my cousin replied no he (meaning me) doesnt like jane... and then jane's sister replied saying ooooh ahah, and then my cousin asked why she thought that, then she said" oh just random thought".. then a couple of days later i messaged jane on facebook, we talked and had a conversation for like 1 hour. we talked about school, places to go, summer, friends, etc... i ended the conversation early by saying "k imma goto sleep night, ttyl" she replied kk, i told her to msg me sometime and she aahaha kk you too :P, .. 5 days later, i msged her again saying hey. we talked a bit and i asked her to send me a year book photo of me because she told me that she found me in her yearbook. then she said " remind me tomorrow because im in bed right now" i said its fine, i dont like starting conversations. we talked a bit more then i ended the conversation by saying " i dont have anything to talk about, im gonna goto sleep or watch a movie," she said " ahahahaha kk bye (:, i then replied lol, kk, ttyl night!.. 3 weeks later, i messaged her again.saying hey.. i msged her at like 2 am. she didnt reply.. at 9 am she replied, saying "hey" i replied at like 2 and said " lol, sorry i was sleeping... ill talk to you another day, im a bit busy at the moment" and she replied aahahahahaha no worries :P, i then said " lol i wasnt trying to be funny. Lol" and she replied ahaha oh :P, i then replied lol :p, that still wasnt supposed to make you laugh :P, and then she replied ahahahah :P, then i said again " that still wasnt supposed to make you laugh, she didnt reply.2 weeks later. on facebook she posted a status saying " like my status for a tbh". i liked it and she gave me a tbh: she said: tbh: i still cant believe u were in my kindergarden class! :P LOL

anyways it was nice seeing u over the summer!

i think ur really chill and super nice! :)

lets talk moree!

3 days later, i msged her again at like 1:30 am. she didnt reply. she replied in the morning saying hey:). when i woke up 3 hours later i said " Sorry im busy at moment, msg me tonight" she didnt reply.

^this was all like 2 and a half months ago. i havent msged her since and she hasnt messaged me. on her tbh she gave me: she said lets take moree. should i msg her? or what should i do? i dont have her number and im not gonna ask for it. someone help me

1. Why did she say " lets talk moree" in the tbh: if shes not gonna start the conversation?

2. is it creepy if i start the conversation again? i started the conversation everytime

3. any advice on what i should do? thx

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    you should definitely start the conversation! girls love when guys make the first move. if she lives near you then you should ask her to coffee or a movie or something casual. she's definitely interested, so whatever you do it won't come off as creepy. just make sure she's not seeing anyone, that could be why she's not responding

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