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Is the Les Miserables completely a musical/singing movie?

What I mean is, if I go to see it, will it only be that every line is sung? Or are there talking parts? If it's completely a musical, I get this feeling that I'll be bored out of my mind.

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    It is all singing, true to the Broadway version. It was so wonderful. I had a few complaints as I have read the book and seen the show many times but overall, it was brilliant. You won't be bored, what they are singing was meant to be sung, not spoken, that is what makes Les Mis so powerful. You may need to cover your ears a few times when Hugh Jackman sings though, as he is tone deaf. Everyone says that Russell Crowe was the wrong choice for Javert, but I disagree 100%! He was the perfect choice and his singing was wonderful. Eponine and Javert didn't get enough screen time, and it was devastating because they are my favorite characters. You just need to go see it and decide for yourself! Die hard Les Mis fans can sit here all day and try to convince you to see it because we love it so much, but it is up to you to go see it.

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    I can tell that you are torn between a great musical and the actors who play the role in the movie. At least, I'm in this boat. My wife and daughter went to watch it last night. There were long lines waiting to get in . She told me that it was fantastic and the best movie she's seen in years. You see, she loves musicals and stuff like that. This movie had dialogues for a couple of minutes and then, the singing started.

    I myself cannot watch a movie where all they do is sing about what's happening ALL the time, especially when the main actors like Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from X-Men) and Russel Crowe( Gladiator) come out singing instead of their normal form of acting. I understand that ladies like that but not me. I'm sure that it will win Oscars and stuff but as I said, it is a musical and it's loaded with it. It you don't mind watching people sing for 2 1\2 hours, then this is the movie for you.

    Source(s): My wife watched it last night
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    lots of those who hate the action picture by using making a music. The making a music contained in the action picture replaced into definatly way below what you'll see contained in the production. I for one agree that the making a music replaced into undesirable yet loved the action picture besides because it appeared to operate yet another layer on to the play, through teach ing the actors up close and each of the scenary. some people in spite of the indisputable fact that won't be able to get over the making a music lengthy sufficient to concentration ont all the different remarkable products of the action picture.

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    Pretty much. The genre says it all, "British MUSICAL film".

    It's pretty self-explanatory

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