Why won't my camcorder work?

It's a Samsung hmx-f80. I got it yesterday. He said it was a display model from walmart. It worked perfectly earlier today. Now when I turn it on the lcd screen will not come on. It still makes a welcome noise when I turn it on. When I press buttons on it it makes noises.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sounds silly and obvious, fully charge the battery. The instructions that came with the camera should tell you how long to let it charge. Though if you're convinced it's charged enough (since it's at least making noises,) you can skip that first step.

    Second, turn it on. The screen should display something, but since I don't own this camera, I can't say for sure. If there's nothing appearing, try pressing the Display button; it's the leftmost button on the camera, it should have a box between two lines (similar to this▕ ▢ ▏if you computer can display the characters.) Press it a few times to be sure.

    If still nothing. Take the camera back, it may be broken.

    If the display comes back on and all is well, read the manual. It can be really helpful.

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