Applying for Architecture(University of Waterloo) Urgent Help?

Please respond. I really need answers as soon as possible. Best answer gets 10 points. I am currently a grade 10 student strongly thinking of applying to the University of Waterloo for Architecture. I read about the admissions and, so here are the requirements:

Here are the portfolio requirements:

I am really nervous because, I now the competition will be high. For some universities they have 1000 applicants and only 60 spots. I am especially nervous for the portfolio and, I will start working on it but, I have no idea how to start.

What determines most whether you will get in or not?

Is it the marks or the portfolio or the précis test?

What should I put in my portfolio?

Can I perform something on the piano as part of the portfolio?

How do I make myself standout?

What kind of drawings or paintings should I have? (a lot of architectural drawings or?)

Is it preferable that I have computer graphics?

If you know anything about Waterloo admission, how hard is it to get in? How many applicants and spots?

What else should I know about applying or making a portfolio?

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  • DrIG
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    7 years ago
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    Information is below.

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  • filson
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    3 years ago

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