why is urdu the official language of Pakistan?

Why not Shahmuki Punjabi? Why can't that be the official language of Pakistan, urdu is only spoken by mohajirs in Karachi as their mother tongue. Muhajirs in Punjab easily get assimilated into the punjabi speaking culture. Seraiki is not punjabi, but close enough, and same with the numerous Hindko speakers in Northwest frontier.

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    Urdu is the national language of Pakistan because prior to Urdu, Farsi used to be the court / official language of the whole of Hindustan and was taught in all maktabs / schools, Urdu comprises of Farsi, Hindi, Arabic & Turkish and every body read and understood it. There are several other regional / provincial languages and dialects which are not accepted by people of the region eg. Pakhto or Hindko are spoken in the KP province but Punjabis or Sindhis will not accept it as a national language and vice versa. It is totally wrong to assume that only the migrants from India speak Urdu, the great National Poet, Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal's poetry is entirely in Urdu and Farsi though he was from Sialkot and the same with Faiz Ahmad Faiz, both Punjabis but no contribution to Punjabi poetry. Sariki is a dialect of Sindhi and Punjabi, Hindko too is a dialect of Punjabi along with Potohari. No body has ever objected to Urdu as the national language so why should Shahmukhi Punjabi replace it.

    Source(s): A Punjabi Nationalist.
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    First a small correction: Urdu is not official language of Pakistan, however, it's national language of Pakistan. National language of Pakistan is Urdu. Punjabi is not national language because it's not spoken in all provinces. Urdu is symbol of our unity; any other single language, be it Punjabi, Pushto, or any other language, represents only one community of Pakistan, where Urdu represents whole Pakistan.

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    8 years ago

    Because Jinnah wanted Urdu

    Pakistan movement was led by Mohajirs who wanted Urdu

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