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Russia or Japan, help?

I need to choose between the two for my job so I am looking for personal experiences, or just general knowledge of the two. I have been studying up on both languages quiet equally but want to start pressuring one with confidence. I am from Canada, I would like to know which would be better for living, settling down, getting around, and generally having a good experience.

All feed back is appreciated!


Now what about Sweden?

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    Japan hands down. Russia's government is incredibly corrupt, and living in poverty is so much more common there than Canada. Besides, Canada is buddies with the US, and Russia HATES OUR GUTS. They won't vote in favor of getting involved in Syria or North Korea in the UN for the sole purpose of p*ssing us off. It worked. You could be discriminated against. Besides, don't they have relatively closed borders? In Russia, voting is rigged, always in favor of Putin, who keeps things chaotic, people poor, violent riots, whatever, he doesn't care. Russia is hardly a democracy. Japan is a wealthy country, third in the world, I think, and their government is much more stable. They have to have the world's longest lifespan for a reason. However, school there would suck. I'm not the stereotypical lazy American; I'm an honor student, but 12 hours of school plus homework six days a week would be awful, especially with the competitiveness. Still, it sounds like you're done with school, so that'd be no problem.

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    Quiet? Quite xD typo.

    It a tricky one, Russia is so beautiful in parts but can get very ugly on the other hand, and horrific weather, japan would be QUITE, easy going and welcoming, it has good buildings people etc but also few strange viruses and stuff floating about as they eat crazy stuff and is a BIG culture change, so tough, personally for me no brainer I'd go Russia, but men there have balls of steel so be careful ;) OH yes also Russian women are most beautiful in world and outnumber Russian men about 9/1. (think is higher now) so you will definately get some attention/action, without trying to sound crude.

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    Japan is better because there is no immigration issues. and skinheads.

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