Would this be a good first car?

NOTE: All prices I mention are NZ Dollars not US Dollars.

Hi there. I'm 17 and am looking to buy my first car. I have $1500 saved towards a car and my parents are willing to give me an extra $700. They are both second hand 90's cars and have reasonably low mileage for their age. Would they be a good buy? The car will be registered under my dads name so that it can go on his insurance and I will be viewing both cars with my dad and they will be certified by a mechanic before I purchase it.

These are the 2 I am considering. Please note I don't have huge amounts of cash to spend and my parents don't want me buying an expensive car.



They're old but as long as they are not complete bombs they will be ok.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I cant open the link, thanks to you my phone crashed. But anyway, if you like them and think its a good buy, go for it.

  • The honda

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