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Do you find rappers sometimes use too much slang to the point when you don't understand them?

Like for instance I love gfk but on supreme clientele although its a great album he is using so much slang it's hard to understand what he is talking about


@stormyrain i'm black you ignorant bit*h wu tang created slang specifically within there group lol has nothing to do with race they make references to chinese movies, and other sh*t they created slang in thier music rza talked about it in his book

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    Yes, MF Doom uses a lot of slang, being that GFK is his influence. Sometimes I have to do some research, but it makes love rap even more.

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    No, that's one of my favorite things about rap actually - references to things that people who aren't from the streets would never understand. I feel like it's a nice wall to help keep out people who don't belong.

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    Slang was originated among African Americans when our African Native tongue was stolen from us; we weren't allowed to speak our language because master and and his friends couldn't understand. So slang became an Black American language that was known to be dope.

    Basically created by us for us, you and Blondie up there aren't originally supposed to understand anyway. Now days your people understand because they invested in our American culture.

    Guess were doing a great job! lmbo

    -Rap is music/Hip-Hop is culture

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    I agree. I don't listen to rap because of that reason, it's not just you that doesn't understand them.

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