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Novels for character analysis?

I'm in grade 10 and I have to do a character analysis on a character in a novel who develops throughout the play? Eg. In Holes the main character was a show and bullied kid an in the end he has higher self esteem in his abilities and new found confidence. I'm having trouble choosing a book because I want to choose a good one but I don't want to waste my entire Christmas break.

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    The protagonist in To Kill a Mockingbird actually grows over three summers. The novel begins when Jem is nearly ten and ends just before he turns thirteen. You might also want to consider Lord of the Flies, another clsasic innocence to experience novel. If you select Mockingbird, focus on how Scout overcomes childhood fears and prejudices, and becomes a lady.

    Source(s): Also an English teacher. To kill a Mockingbird pp. 3-6.
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    To Kill a Mockingbird is short, easy to read and great for character development (we see the narrator grow over a summer through events that occur in a community).

    Source(s): I'm an English teacher
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