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Novels for character analysis?

I'm in grade 10 and I have to do a character analysis on a character in a novel who develops throughout the play? Eg. In Holes the main character was a show and bullied kid an in the end he has higher self esteem in his abilities and new found confidence. I'm having trouble choosing a book because I want to choose a good one but I don't want to waste my entire Christmas break.

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    gone with the wind - margaret mitchell - character: scarlett o'hara or rhett butler

    the count of monte cristo - alexandre dumas

    les miserables - victor hugo [i think]

    the man behind the iron mask - dumas

    the three musketeers


    pride and prejudice - jane austin

    servant of the bones - anne rice

    a christmas carol [very small book] - charles dickens - scrooge is a great character

    all the classics have great characters that you can use

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