How do I get an SSD to work on this motherboard; M4A87TD EVO.?

Just a simple 120GB SSD.


I'm reading in the boards manual and not really finding out how I can run windows off the SSD, and hook up mechanical HDD's.

I have this setup working on my current motherboard (M3N78-VM), the manual explains the last 2 SATA ports are for AHCI.

But how can I configure this M4A87TD to run my SSD Drive for Windows7, and mechanical Sata drives for storage?

Note: The motherboards manual is under Download. Just select an OS to see the download list.


Going to RED's question.

The SSD should run in AHCI mode, while mechanicals should run in SATA mode.

Currently from what I understand from the manual, I can only get AHCI, SATA or IDE mode from all 6 ports.

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    Both SSD and HDD connect to the SATA controllers. You just have to connect the SSD to the first SATA controller and the HDD to the second. Next, install the OS on the SSD and format the HDD to contain data only.

    Alternatively, you may still have an OS on the HDD for backup but make sure your BIOS will always boot from the SSD. To make sure it does, connect the SSD to the first SATA controller as I have mentioned above or the SSD is in the boot priority before the HDD. This way, even if there's still an OS on the HDD, it will still boot from the first SATA device by default.

    There's also a special key to select which drive to boot from. Read the user's manual. It helps a lot.

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    {n addition to first answer I suggest that you chose a name for each volume ,

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