When is the US gonna realize, Pakistan is a enemy of USA?

They harbour terrorist and hate Americans, Obama needs to declare them a enemy.

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  • leo
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    8 years ago
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    I wonder when Pakistan is going to realize that americans hate us. and that we should leave the stupid war started by americans just for oil. After all the sacrifice of pakistan army and slaughtering by the hand of talibans, Pakistan army still not able to realize that this american war is causing us more and more loss. Taliban are killing us and americans are still not happy. Wish Pakistan stop all kinda help of USA and abandoned herself from this stupid war of yours. Please stop your financial aid and get yourself out of Pakistan, in return stop using route of Pakistan and Pakistan army. Your aid is filling the pocket of our greedy politicians, no one is getting any thing. And your war is causing us death with your drones and with your double agents aka talibans. Stop the politics and get the hell out of Pakistan and please let us live in peace. Pakistan were peaceful until your country created taliban to control russia. and now your created monsters are after us.

  • 8 years ago

    Pakistanis have been at the receiving end from all sides.

    They hate terrorists more than the Americans do but do not have resources to punish them. American's on their part want a massive operation that would kill thousands of innocent people in the Northern parts of Pakistan. Pakistan did try it in a smaller area but the result has been killing and uprooting of hundreds of thousands of people who are still not able to return and build their homes as they have lost all their belongings and are in camps or migrated to other parts since then. The whole operation resulted in killing or apprehending very insignificant number of Taliban as they know their ways out better than the army. This is what also happens in Afghanistan in spite of so well equipped NATO and Afghan armies.

    Recently Americans and Karzai have requested Pakistan government to release all big Taliban leaders from their jails to talk for an exit strategy.

    Declaring it an enemy would harm US interests more than Pakistan's. So don't be dumb and let it remain a business relationship.

  • 8 years ago

    The list of countries that hate America is so long, I'm not sure there is a country left that isn't our enemy. Why add pakistan to the list? Our govt in the US, rode up the front steps of the queen of Hawaii and took over Hawaii by gunpoint tho hawaii had never done a thing to anyone. Talk about terrorism and illegal theft and seisure of land that is not yours. Theieves every one of them, terrorists to the max and made the queen stay under house arreest until the day she died tho she had never done a single thing wrong except be the queen of Hawaii, the most peaceful people on the planet earth. America is so busy being a terrorist itself, I'm not sure we have the right to point fingers at anyone. If you don't like Pakistan, don't go there. Our gov is just using them as a matter of location location location to kiss the butts of Israel and try to surround Iran to send OUR boys to die because Israel is too chicken chit to do it and make us do all the bleeding. Pakistan sits on Irans border so thats the only reason it "appears" the gov is friendly with Pakistan. Our govt is completely 100 percent psychopaths. They are incapable of liking anyone to begin with so don't worry about Pakistan. They are just using them like they use us all to pay taxes and bleed and die for them. Nothing has changed nor will it change and I'm sure they hate the Pakistani's as much as you do but not because they harbor terrorists, they just hate everybody anyway naturally. Its what they do, its ALL they do while they smile pretty for the camera. Where do you live. You can't possibly live in the US if you did not figure all this out by the 3rd grade?

  • When Obama made a statement, after Bin Laden was caught hiding in Pakistan and killed, he publicly stated... Quote - '' Pakistanis are our friends''. We the people know differently.

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  • 8 years ago

    We already recognize that but Pakistan is located in an area that the us really needs for strategic position when it comes to war. We turn a blind eye because its better to keep it as an ally than a foe.

  • 8 years ago

    Pakistan is big and its leaders are not able to unite it all. Mostly they are not unfriendly to the US but there are segments that probably do not care for the US.

    That is why you cannot generalize every single one and lump them all as US haters.

  • Hugo90
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    8 years ago

    America has not been a friend to Pakistan, either.

  • uc410
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    8 years ago

    hopefully very soon

    we need to stop giving **** hole countries like that billions of dollars and treat them like the vile threat they are.

    that money could be better spent at home.

  • 8 years ago

    Obama is besties with them. He clearly hates America as much as they do.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Perhaps they have realized but not showing.

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