What is the Christian view on Israel..?

What is the Christian point of view on the country.

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    7 years ago
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    Most protestants are fanatically pro-Israel.

    While I was taking classes at the synagogue in my city, a lot of Jewish activists groups used the building for meetings, and fundamentalists were usually there with them. I asked rebi about it, and he replied by saying that fundamentalist Christians were probably the Jews' best ally.

    Religion aside, Jews are basically descent people. They're not prone to violence, they don't teach any kind of weird stuff like stockpiling arms or being hateful or suspicious of other groups. They basically mind their own business.

    If you have moral values, you are forced to agree with me that anti-semites are irrational and detached from reality.

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    Israel in Prophecy: A Sign for the Last Generation


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    According to Jesus, how will we know if we are part of the last generation before He returns? What does the fig tree mentioned in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 symbolize? And what is the prophetic significance of the re-establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948?

    Join Monica Dennington as she continues in the series When Is Jesus Coming Back? with this definitive answer — straight from the Bible — to the question, "Are we living in the last generation before the return of Christ?"

    Source(s): www.youtube.com/tictocministries
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    There are hundreds of different sects of Christianity. They have different views on Israel. Some have no view, in which case their individual members have or may not have an opinion on the subject.

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    7 years ago

    That we both share the same God and salvation and that we are both brothers that will be their for one another always.-Jesus Christ

    Source(s): The Holy Apostle James the Greater
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  • 7 years ago

    they are the chosen people of god

    they are right now not living in following god

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