Help with creative names?

For class I have to do a powerpoint about a country. For each slide I need a "catchy title" ... For example... If I was doing Brazil, for agriculture, I could write "A coffee lover's paradise". My country is Mexico. So could you please give a name for the following slides?

Slide 1: Introduction (Capital, Popultation)

Slide 2: Goverment

Slide 3: The people (language, religon etc.)

Slide 4: Geographical Features

Slide 5: Climate

Slide 6: Airfare (airlines and ticket costs)

Slide 7: Attractions

Thanks (:

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    Slide 1: Introduction (Capital, Popultation)

    Take a siesta in the capital city over 7000 feet above sea level

    Enjoy Corona Beer while watching senoritas perform the Mexican Hat Dance

    (no carding to keep minors from alcohol)

    Order Chimichangas for main course while gulping down corn chips & guacamole dip

    Finish up with Platanos Machos with dark Mexican coffee

    Dance to the music of the Mariachi Band till dawn.

    Enjoy Tequila Sunrise as you watch exotic tropical birds welcome the sun.

    YOU ARE IN MEXICO CITY, population over 21 million, capital of MEXICO

    Slide 2: Goverment

    31 free, sovereign states, each with their own constitution, governor, congress & judiciary.

    * governor serves 6 years & democratically elected, each eligible voter gets one vote

    * reoresentatives in congress serve 3 years, also democratically elected

    * 3 levels of government, municipal, state & federation

    * state governments & federal have checks & balances, just like US

    * President is elected for 6 years, 1 term only

    * President is elected directly by the voters.

    Slide 3: The people (language, religon etc.)

    113 million people live in Mexico

    It is the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world

    10% of the population are speakers of indigenous languages i.e. Mayans, Mixtecs, Zapotec etc,

    Many in the population are of European descent

    Majority of the population are identified by a blending of the European identity with the indigenous peoples'

    The process is known as Mestizaje

    Culture of Mexico is a blend of European, particularly Spanish and the indigenous peoples' social & religious practices,

    Over 80% of the population are Roman Catholic. The rest are a mix of Protestants & non-Christian religions including atheists.

    Religious tolerance is practiced, even though most Mexicans are devout in their faith

    Slide 4: Geographical Feature

    Mexico is part of North America, not Central America.

    It is south of California, Arizona, New Mexico & Texas; north of Guatemala & Belize.

    It has Pacific Ocean on its western shores & the Gulf of Mexico on the east.

    The Rio Grande & the Colorado River forms the border between US & Mexico

    2 mountain ranges from north to south, Sierra Madre Oriental & Sierra Madre Occidental

    2 mountain ranges from east to west, the Sierra Nevada & Sierra Madre de Sur.

    Majority of Mexico is in the high altitudes.

    Slide 5: Climate

    Northern Mexico has temperate climate; southern Mexico has tropical climate

    Coasts of Mexico is hot & humid; mountains of Mexico is dry & cool, median temperatures hovering in the 60F with sporadic rain

    The deserts have temperatures exceeding 100F with little rainfall

    Mexico is hit by hurricanes every year.

    Slide 6: Airfare (airlines and ticket costs)

    Great package deals, airfares & resorts at less than $400 during off seasons

    Aeromexico Airlines has round trip tickets for less than $300

    Many cruise lines stop at Mexican ports

    Slide 7: Attractions

    Diverse cultures and social activities

    Colorful festivals

    Impressing 'Mexican' visual arts by world renowned Mexican artists

    Outdoor activities for all seasons, from deep sea fishing & water sports to mountain climbing, hunting, hiking and camping to winter sports.

    Traditional Latin & classical music performances as well as contemporary pop

    Entertainments in all genres, world class literature & rodeos & bullfights

    Largest media industry in Latin America, producing music heard in the Americas & Europe, especially Spain.

    Mexico has a lively film industry producing many award winning movies

    movies in English & Spanish

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