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Help with 'friends'...please?

I am very involved in a local organization...currently at the top tier of it after yrs of extreme dedication and hard work. During these years, I have made numerous acquaintances & formed what I thought were pretty tight friendships, as we also do many things together outside of this organization. So, here's my dilemma: I have ALWAYS made myself available to help and support their endeavors in this org...without fail, and w/o excuses. I have had perfect attendance at every function, every meeting, and done all in my power to help this org and my friends be successful in their activities. If it means doing the worst of the grunt work like the dishes, mopping & trash..then, ok, I do it...If it means fundraising, I do it...if it's shopping, cooking, setting up, trouble-shooting..I do it...whatever they have asked for in the past...including being THE designated driver for every convention, training seminar, party and function for years on end...I did it, and never complained because I was happy to & figured when it was my turn to be at the top that they would do the same for me. Well, seems that isn't the case. Where I am most upset are in several areas.... First, we have a major party coming up for one of the ladies in the org. The 'group' has talked extensively about decorating, food, entertainment, and even gone in together on lavish gifts...and never included me on anything...except needing my chocolate fountain for it and getting the date secured for the party at our establishment. So, also knowing that the lady was registered for gifts, (and I heard about it weeks later)...well, I couldn't afford a pricey gift of $200+...which was all that was left because everyone else snagged up the affordable items and split other big ticket items. I am currently not working, so going in 3 ways on a $300 gift would have been affordable for me...but it's too late now.

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    I would talk to them about it and see why they are doing this and exspress all your cincerns but it sounds like your being used or not liked the way you want

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    Tell them to stop being horrible say you did more than they ever did and your not pay 300£ it's ridiculous you'll feel better and they might respect you more for say something


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