How to make a paper mache bear?

I was thinking I could wrap a water gallon for the body, ball up toilet paper for the arms and legs, and have the head as a balloon? But...I'm not sure this would work. Anyone have any better ideas? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!

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    8 years ago
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    I say buy a bunch of balloons. A big one for the body, a medium one for the head, two small ones for the arms, small ones for the feet, then duct them all together, then get newspaper and dip it with glue and put the newspaper all over it neatly so it takes shape, leave a space that has no tape though on each ballloon, so later when you are done, you can pop the balloon and take it out, then put wrapping paper ( the paper you put in a gift bag, forgot what its called, sorry! its like soft paper) then again with the liquid glue, put it all over the body and put the paper on top, then pop the balloons, and you're done!

    Source(s): Always did paper machee as a young kid obsessed with art attack.
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