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What are the best dramas( korean, japanese,thailand..) and animes to watch?

I would like some recommendations on which dramas and animes to watch.I have watched a few and I really enjoyed them.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I only watch dramas with good looking characters and I have a couple that i liked a LOOT and would recommend: (I rated them for each category)


    1) Secret Garden: So many romantic scenes ( I just finished watching yesterday). Also it is the funniest drama I have ever seen! I seriously recommend it! :) Oh and also it has the most satisfying ending I have ever seen in a drama!

    2). City Hunter: Action, adventurous and funny. this was my original favorite before Secret Garden. This is if you're into the masked hero who falls in love sort of stuff! Oh and the main guy is sooo hot and cool in this drama!:)

    3). Dream High: I personally love this drama a lot, great musical soundtrack, romantic, and funny. All the main characters are kpop idols (except for the main but he is really cute)

    4). Heartstrings: I love this drama a lot, it's so calm, doesn't have a lot of drama and just nice. Not a whole lot of chemistry between actors though.

    5). Sunkyunkgwan scandal: This is a really really good drama. (Don't worry it's not like the usual Joseon era drama)

    6). Ma Boy: I love this drama a lot, because I''m not a fan of girl turning to guy stuff but this one is an exception.

    7) Love Rain: Super cute drama starring Jang Guen Suk (the guy in you're beautiful) and Im Yoona. The first five episodes are about the parents and it's a little boring, but after that it keeps getting better!

    8). Princess Hours: I love this drama so much I watched it about five times. About a girl becoming a princess and falling in love with the prince.

    9). Cinderella Man: I like this drama a lot, mostly because it's funny, but also because the main is this guy who gets mistaken for this rich dude and then has to live like him.

    10). King of Dramas: Aaah I forgot to add this one at the top. It's tied with third! This drama is hilarious (starring Siwon from super junior who's acting is just wow in this drama). I loved this and couldn't stop watching it!

    11). Rooftop Prince: This drama is hilarious and beautiful. I love the ending so much:)

    12). What's Up: Similar to Dream High; I like this one because the main is really funny:)

    13). Runaways Plan B: Starring Rain who is simply hilarious in this drama! Loved it:)

    Japanese Dramas

    1). Buzzer Beat: This is the best Japanese Drama ever, also calm and nice. I love the main characters in this drama a lot. :) About a basketball player who falls in love with a violinist, the drama is so cute and just perfect:)

    2). Operation Daisakusen: Hilarious drama about a regretful man who goes back in time to make the woman he loves love him back.

    3). Nobuto Wo Produce: Starring my favorite two actors. About transforming a socially awkward girl into a popular one but the girl has to chose the boy she loves.

    4). Supari: Same guy from Nobuto Wo produce, but he falls in love with this workaholic who is older than him. really cute:)

    Favorite Anime:

    Kaichou wa maid sama: watched it a hundred times!:) I LOVE THIS

    School Rumble: super funny and cute!:) but it's hilarious, just saying:)

    Blue Exorcist: I'm honestly not a fan of a lot of action but i really liked this one:)

    Hope I helped:)

  • awad
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    5 years ago

    sure, I do watch Korean dramas! whether i've got no longer had lots journey with the internet internet site, Crunchy Roll supplies memberships for Drama and Anime blended! So of course somebody is watching the two. i do no longer know why the *** or different dramas are actually not as widespread. The Koreans have particularly marketed their dramas lots. My renowned are historic ones =) What Korean dramas do you like? :D

  • 8 years ago

    Anime I've watched and enjoyed.

    • Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You / Reaching You

    • Special A / S.A

    • Paradise Kiss

    • Toradora!

    • Hataraki Man

    • Neighborhood Story

    • DN Angel

    • Peach Girl

    • Fushigi Yugi / Mysterious Play

    • Kodocha / Child's Toy

    • Marmalade Boy

    • Kaikan Phrase / Sensual Phrase

    • Kamisama Kazoku / God Family

    • Maburaho

    • Welcome to the N.H.K.

    • The Wallflower

    • Ultra Maniac / Urutora Meniakku

    • Hayate no Gotoku! / Hayate the Combat Butler

    • Tokyo Mew Mew / Tōkyō Myū Myū

    • Ouran High School Host Club / Ōran Kōkō Hosuto Kurabu

    • Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

    • Maid Sama! / Kaichō wa Maid-sama!

    • Nodame Cantabile

    • Itazura na Kiss / Playful Kiss

    • Gakuen Alice /Alice Academy

    • Air Gear

    • From I"s

    • Golden Boy

    • Salaryman Kintaro

    • Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist

    • Hellsing

    • Claymore

    • Black Butler

    • Nabari No Ou

    • Casshern Sins

    • Dragonaut Strike Witches

    • Black Blood Brothers

    • Ghost Hound

    • Rurouni Kenshin

    • Vampire Knight

    • Spice and Wolf

    • Fruits Basket

    • Death Note

    Here's a list of Asian dramas and movies that I've watched and enjoyed. Most of them are romantic comedies and some action rom-coms.

    Korean Dramas:

    • Queen Seon Deok

    • The Return of Iljimae

    • Boys Over Flowers

    • You're Beautiful (Gender Bender)

    • Full House (Contract Relationship)

    • Heartstrings

    • Wonderful Life (One Night Stand/Forced Marriage)

    • Pasta

    • Creating Destiny

    • Couple Fantasy

    • My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

    • Coffee Prince (Gender Bender)

    • Dream High 1 & 2

    • The Moon Embracing The Sun

    • Queen In Hyun's Man

    • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    • Princess Hours (Arranged Marriage)

    • Invincible Lee Pyung Kang

    • Love Rain

    • Lie To Me (Contract Relationship)=

    • Marry Me Mary (Contract Relationship)

    • Playful Kiss

    • Protect The Boss

    • Rooftop Prince

    • Scent Of A Woman

    • Tree Of Heaven

    • Iljimae

    • Time Between Dog And Wolf

    • Wild Romance

    • Will It Snow For Christmas

    • Prosecutor Princess

    • Secret Garden

    • City Hunter

    • The Painter of the Wind (Gender Bender)

    • The Vineyard Man

    • Bachelor's Vegetable Store

    • The Strongest K Pop Survival (Gender Bender)

    • Hello! Miss

    • Cinderella Man

    • I'm A Flower Too

    • Fashion King

    • My Love Patzzy

    • Paradise Ranch

    • Myung Wol The Spy

    • A Love To Kill

    • Smile You

    • God Of Study

    • Baby Faced Beauty

    • Romance Town

    • Birdie Buddy

    • 1% Of Anything (Arranged Marriage)

    • City Hall

    • Love Marriage

    • Delightful Girl Choon Hyung (Forced Marriage)

    • Live In Style

    • Capital Scandal

    • Family Honour

    • Don't Hesitate

    • Bad Love

    • Witch: Yoo Hee

    • Personal Taste

    • My Girl (Contract Relationship)

    • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

    • My Princess

    • The Greatest Love

    • The King 2 Hearts (Arrange Marriage)

    • Shining Inheritance

    • Shut Flower Boy Band

    • Stars Falling From The Sky

    • Worlds within

    • You're My Destiny

    • Snow Queen

    • Winter Sonata

    • Stairway to Heaven

    • Operation Proposal

    • 49 Days

    • Big

    • Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Gender Bender)

    • Autumn in My Heart

    • Oh! My Lady

    • I do, I do

    • A Gentleman's Dignity

    • Bridal Mask

    • Miss Ripley

    • IRIS

    • Sweet 18 (Arranged Marriage)

    • Fugitive: Plan B

    Taiwanese Dramas:

    • Autumn's Concerto

    • Easy Fortune Happy Life (Arranged Marriage)

    • Fated to Love You (One Night Stand/Forced Marriage)

    • Hana Kimi (Gender Bender)

    • Skip Beat

    • Love You (Contract Marriage)

    • Love or Bread

    • My Lucky Star

    • Absolute Boyfriend

    • Secretly Loving You (Gender Bender)

    • Romantic Princess

    • Momo Love

    • Love Keeps Going

    • Heavens Wedding Gown

    • Miss No Good

    • Prince Turns To Frog

    • It Started with a Kiss 1 & 2

    • Black and White

    • Roseate-Love

    • Bull Fighting

    • Love Contract

    • Express Boy

    • Bump off Lover

    • Silence

    • Tokyo Juliet

    • My Queen

    • Love Buffet

    • Why Why Love

    • Devil Beside You

    Japanese Dramas:

    • Yamato Nadeshiko shichi Henge

    • Last Friends

    • Nodame Cantabile

    • Nobuta wo Produce

    • Gokusen

    • Ouran High School Host Club (Gender Bender)

    • Mendol (Gender Bender)

    • Princess Princess D (Gender Bender)

    • Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

    • Kimi Wa Petto

    • Tokyo Wankei

    • Ace wo nerae

    • Attention Please!

    • Proposal Daisakusen

    • God Please Give Me More Time

    • You Are My Pet

    • To the One I Love

    • Hana Yori Dango

    • Koizora

    • Ikemen Desu Ne (Gender Bender & J version of he's Beautiful)

    • Zettai Kareshi

    • Atashinchi No Danji

    • Mei-chan No Shitsuji

    • Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

    • Inu O Kau To Iu Koto

    Thailand Lakorn/Dramas:

    • Oum Ruk

    • Sawan Biang

    • Sawan Saang

    • Mia Taeng

    • Ngao Asok

    • Mere Jam Pem

    • Game Rai Game Ruk

    • King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng

    • Jam Leuy Rak

    • Pom Roy Ruk Ardeed

    • Liam Ruk

    • Kom Faek

    • Ploy Lom Phet

    • Hau Jai Sila

    • Roy Adeed Hang Ru

    Hope this helped. Enjoy!! ^_^

    Source(s): My Asian Drama & Movie List...
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