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Sword Art Online ending opinions?

Well I thought it was a bit odd,

Kirito was spending time with Asuna just a few minutes than it leaves us with Lyfa and him together.

I guess it's okay although I dont like cousin incest :/ 7/10 for me. I love the whole plot tho.

Your opinions?

By the way when is the next episode that is going to come out? :) thanks.

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    Lool, yeah. I agree with the cousin incest. I was a bit creeped out by it at first, but somehow SAO managed to pull it off where it wasn't as disgusting as it sounds. Still, it's pretty abnormal.

    As for the SAO ending, I guess it was pretty good. I think they should have cut out the scene with Kirito and Lyfa, though. I mean, now it's getting a bit sad; he's just giving her false hope at this point. Or maybe I'm interpreting it correctly and he's doing it out of family love? Regardless, the ending scene was really nice. Plot as a whole was nice. Just didn't like ALO.

    As for the next episode that will be in the second season, there is no confirmation, yet. I'm sure they'll green-light the production really soon, say, February or early March, and we'll probably have it at June/July? Best look at here to see if they've made a second season.

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  • 8 years ago

    The next season will be about Gun Gale online the American virtual reality mmorpg. U can find more on google.

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