Save Vigils Keep or Amaranthine in Dragon Age awakening?

Hello, I am plannig on my DA:O save to DA2 including Awakening, witch Hunt and Golems.

Anyways I am creating my canon save and am wondering-should I save the city of Amaranthine or Vigils keep?

Now I know you can save them both, I have fully upgraded my keep. But the problem is even if you have a fully upgraded keep and save Amaranthine any companions you don't take with you will be flagged as dead for any future installments even though the epilouge says they survived. Also the codex says those companions who are not taken are dead.

So should I save the City or the Keep? I am trying to play more or less the morally good characatr, but I relly like all my companions.....

Also another sort of hard choice for me, should I kill the architect or not?

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is not necessarily accurate.

    Anders will survive in DA2 regardless of what happens to him in awakenings. Nathaniel is also likely to survive and reappear. The other companions aren't really of any consequence thus far so their codex-survival is fairly irrelevant. They survive in the epilogue if the keep is upgraded properly, which seems more important. And, if it turns out they're important in the future, bioware will just pull off it's infamous plotholes and overlook this.

    Honestly, if the keep is fully upgraded, it's in the wardens' best interest to save Amaranthine. The Keep will not fall, but if you choose to try and save it instead of the city... well...

    "If the Warden chooses to abandon the city to save Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine is burned to the ground. The city's destruction does not endear the Wardens to Ferelden, and although much of the citizenry wants to forget the terrible event, a small segment pledges to exact revenge on the Grey Wardens. Eventually, a mob appears at Vigil's Keep, and although many are shown mercy and survive the bloody clash, public opinion of the Wardens remain sour until the Wardens finally lead an effort to rebuild Amaranthine."

    "If the Warden chooses to save Amaranthine, and if all the upgrades are made to the Keep, it will hold against the Darkspawn army for days in a row before the attacking horde broke upon her walls. Although greatly outnumbered, the soldiers' silverite armor allow them to kill a dozen darkspawn each before falling. The keep developed an almost mythic reputation, the few survivors immortalized in song and legend. When the magnitude of the losses came to light, sympathy drove generous donations from all over Ferelden into the region's coffers. Vigil's Keep was restored to its former glory in five years. "

    So the warden's fare far better in the public eye if they manage to save the city and the keep.

    Looking at it from a morality pov if you prefer, the keep is mostly filled with soliders and has already been destroyed once. Amaranthine is filled with civillians and has been much more to lose.

    In terms of the architect, for me, I personally chose to spare him. Yes, he's a little unhinged, but to be fair he's the first darkspawn in ages to be able to form any coherent thought outside of "do whatever the archdemon wants." He's trying to do the right thing, he's just doing it the wrong way. He's not trying to cause insanity amongst other darkspawn, he's trying to stop the battles altogether. And some of it does work as we see with "The Messenger" disciple-- he actually goes on to become a mysterious stranger who helps travellers in danger.

    Either way the architect has done more to reverse the taint in the span of awakening than the wardens managed to accomplish in their entire existence-- and that's including with psychopaths like Avernus wandering about torturing wardens to learn the effects of their blood.

    Honestly, I just find him an interesting character all around, and I'd like to see where bioware is planning on going with him.

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  • brunt
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    3 years ago

    Dao Awakening

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  • Kyle
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    7 years ago

    Save the Keep, the city can be rebuilt. Kill the Architect the Darkspawn can not be trusted. Especially if they need Grey Warden blood as a prerequisite for sanity. Which doesn't always work (the mother).

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