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Where can I get good weapons?

I'm looking for some high-quality martial weapons. However, I have no real background in where to buy them, as most of my weapons were presents from friends and teachers. I imagine that online stores are going to be the most easily accessed, but I hear lots of stories of their unreliability.

Specifically, I'm looking for the following weapons: A functioning switchblade; a hand-made katana; an army knife (like the ones used by SEALS); a durable, well-made zweihander; a well-made traditional European longsword; and a traditional, hand-made Jian. The last one is the tricky one; I practise Tai Chi Chuan, and I need a new sword. I'm not looking for a bendy Wushu sword or a heavy warrior's sword, I'm looking for a jian in the style of the Tai Chi jian they used to produce all the time before the Cultural Revolution.

Any help here would be great, be it in the form of RELIABLE online vendors or physical ones. Location is not an issue.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Joshua
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    7 years ago
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    Well, I don't know about Canada, but in America switchblades are illegal, so I'd drop that one.

    For the rest, how dedicated are you to having it hand made? Because you could literally order all of that through Cold Steel, and none of it would be lacking. If you're absolutely dedicated to having things made the old-fashioned way, start talking to blacksmiths and custom knife makers, and be prepared to shell out some cash. Even bad custom work can go for upwards of $300, and that's just in knives. A good, hand made sword requires a lot of specialized equipment and a very experienced smith, and will easily break $1,000.

    As for the "SEAL" knife, there are only a few knives that are issued by the US military. Most of them are bayonets, and I would never recommend a bayonet for a field knife; they're bulky, poorly mounted, and offer no advantages over a good, full-tang knife. Anyone who wants a field knife, including SOCOM, usually buys their own. The USMC Ka-Bar is a favorite, though I'd recommend an Ontario Ranger Shank. I used one for years before I gave it to a buddy who was leaving the service. Cheap, sturdy, light, low-profile knife that I could keep in my pocket without drawing a lot of attention.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    www.blades-uk.com I've used this website for quite some time and they never disappoint. Plus their stock vary from Japanese, viking, civil wars even movie replicas

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