What was Liam answer to Hope today?

What was Liam's answer to Hope today January 4, 2013, I missed the bold and the beautiful episode which I have forgot to record. Can someone please fill me in? Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    its Always back and forth with those two, nothing was really clear he said he could no longer do this but yeah sure that's going to happen

  • 8 years ago

    Also, if you miss an episode if you're not able to watch it on SOAPNetwork, then you can always go online to cbs.com and watch up to the last two weeks.

    *Happy side note- if you click the 'Preview Next Episode" about half way down the B&B page on the RHS, when the preview page loads, scroll down and you will find another section that includes the FIRST 25 EPISODES from the very beginning in 1987!!

  • Kris
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    8 years ago

    Poor Liam. He just stood there and tried to argue that she (Hope) was the one who called it off and pushed him towards Steffy. At the end of the show, Hope would take "no" for an answer and told Liam she wanted him, flaws and all. He had that weird expression on his face again. Can he ever make up his own mind?

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