whose perspective should les miserables be re-written in?

im supposed to "re-write" the les miserables as a new version. im allowed to change the time and place, and im supposed to choose a different main protagonist (from the novel itself of course) or a different perspective that is NOT Jean Valjean, with a description of why i chose the character i did.(im supposed to write the story from someone else's point of view, other than Valjean) i was thinking Marius, but i got stuck trying to think of a particular reason as to why i should choose him but i think he could be a potential choice. who else was involved in the entire duration of the novel, and was aware of everyone's happenings/situations? Thanks for the help in advance!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    - Javert - Could probably be considered the antagonist of the novel, although he is likely just misunderstood. But, Les Miserables is really Valjean vs. Javert so it would be the best way to see the complete opposite side to the story.

    - Cosette - While you would miss the initial story of Valjean, you could focus on Fantine and Cosette's story instead.

    Marius wasn't really involved in the entire novel - only the last bit. However, Valjean did tell him his story at the end, so I guess he is aware of what happened? Perhaps, though, he needs to do some 'investigations' to verify the story? The same could apply to Cosette.

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  • 7 years ago

    What about Cosette? She has followed Jean Valjean throughout the plot, but some of her tragic past is unexplained. This would give great opportunity to be creative.

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