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Is it weird for a 13 year old to read Les Miserables?

If I bring it to school will people think it's okay? Cuz I watched the movie and I Liked it so I bought the book. It's 1200pgs long and it's not like it's in ancient English.

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    No way! I read it when I was fourteen. Especially since the movie is out, more students are going to be more familiar with the title. If anything, it would be less strange for you to read the book now than it would have been a couple years ago, before the hype for the movie started. And if anyone tries to bug you about it (which I doubt), tell them it doubles as an impenetrable shield.

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    Read it when I was your age, even younger.

    It isn't weird.

    Why in heavens would it be weird to read literature? -.-

    Yet, the movie was adapted from the broadway musical...not much the book.


    Listen, people are telling you to give yourself a pat on the back for choosing that book, but why congratulate someone for something that is bettering themselves?

    Listen, read what you want to read, it doesn't matter what people think. Seriously, I get the feel that you posted this question for some sort of praise. Read it because you want to. Not so you can impress people.

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    No, you should never be worried about someone ridiculing you for being ambitious about your education or "smarts". In middle school and high school I even had SOME TEACHERS scoff at me for having lofty goals for my education. It made me feel pretty bad at the time. I just finished applying for economics Ph.D programs :).

    I totally felt the same way at your age too, concerned about other peoples opinions on what I was reading, so don't feel too guilty! I've read Les Mis myself, and at times I found it a bit dense*. However, there's absolutely no harm, or shame, in you reading Les Mis. I read it at 15, and I got some strange looks, but that's about it.

    *truth: I skipped some of the uninteresting battles the first time I read Les Mis.

    Also, if you don't like it, you don't have to finish it ;).

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    It's not weird, read whatever you want and be proud that you can! Most 13 year olds wouldn't give it a thought! I think you should be proud.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    well no i don't think so! i have alot of friends who like to read huge books too im glad to see that you like to read for 13 lots of children don't well teens dont ;) but no as long as you hide it and if your friends accept you for you and are weirdos to like all bestfriends they won't mind you should be fine! hope it helps!

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    its fairly long yet i think of you may if youve study books like lord of the jewelry or different books like that. so some distance as yeavy concern count one character is a prostitute yet its in no way completely elaborated or defined graphically.

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    Read it. I'm 13 and I'm going to read it.

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