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Becoming an event planner in CANADA?

I am thinking about becoming an event planner and I was just wondering if anyone had any information.

What courses you would need or would be beneficial.

Basically any information that may be helpful in making a decision - positive or negative

I was also wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get a local company to allow me an opportunity to job shadow to see if its something I would like to do - on my own or as part of a company.

Thanks in advance.

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    Take courses or seek training. There are several ways to get training in event planning so you know what direction to go in this field. Search your local college or university coursebook or seek an internship at an event-planning company.


    Decide whether to work on your own. Are you entrepreneurial and want to work for yourself, or would you prefer the security and work environment of a larger company? Your decision may depend on your past work experiences and your financing options.


    Have a budget and financing plan. If you plan to go out on your own as an event planner, make sure you have the funds to finance your ongoing operations. Explore financing with several Canadian banks by sifting through the list provided by Quazell. Make a budget and insure that you are keeping to it. For help in making a business plan, visit Growthink.


    Distinguish yourself from the competition. Whether you are working for yourself or a larger company, try to find a niche in the event-planning market and find a way to distinguish yourself. Decide where your skills would be best put to use. Would you be better helping a bride select flower arrangements or would you be more suited to bringing donors together at a fundraising dinner?


    Market yourself. Create a website and announce to the public that your services are available. Advertise online or in print in ways that are specific to your area of event planning. For example, you will want to advertise in local wedding magazines if you hope to do wedding planning. Use a professional advertising firm if your budget allows, so you can ensure that you get off to the right foot. Check, a company guide, for marketing and advertising firms in your area of Canada.

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