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Christians, what can we learn from this top story from 2012?

Discover Yahoo! With Your Friendsclose Dawn Loggins: Homeless, Abandoned Teen Heads to Harvard

By Sarah B. Weir, Yahoo! blogger

PostsBy Sarah B. Weir, Yahoo! blogger | Secrets to Your Success – Thu, Jun 7, 2012 1:43 PM EDTEmail0Share0tweetPrint

Courtesy WBTVWhile other kids were hitting their snooze buttons and pulling the covers over their heads, 18-year-old Dawn Loggins was mopping the halls and emptying the trash at Burns High School in Lawndale, North Carolina. At the end of last summer, while she was attending a prestigious summer program on scholarship, Loggins called home to discover her phone had been disconnected.

According to the Shelby Star, her mother and stepfather had left the state and dropped her grandmother off at a local homeless shelter. Her older brother, Shane, was couch surfing with friends. "I realized I was getting nowhere calling my parents," she told the Star. "What was I going to do? Cry about it?"

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The teen persevered. "I just made a decision that I was not going to end up like my parents," she told WBTV. And her determination paid off. Tonight is Loggins's high school graduation, and the next stop, Harvard University.

Can this account help you in any way?

If so, how so. If it's just a story, that's ...just how it is.

I know it helps me.

What were some of the personality features that were

different for this girl than most girls her age?


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  • John D
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    7 years ago
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    A girl got dealt a crappy hand and worked really hard and succeeded. It's a great story of what a person can do when they work at it. I can't see any connection to god myths in the story.

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  • 7 years ago

    This account shows me the divine footprint of Christ throughout.

    Christ Jesus is of such fathomless riches that He well affords to spread it liberally.

    Even the unthankful (no acknowledgment of the Most High) and evil (hurtful) benefit.

    This young woman shows this wonderful footprint in some small part (yet there's no small part).

    Even though on a prestigious scholarship through summer instead of on holidays, this woman has the self-less attitude of taking on 'trash-duty'. Also shows concern for those who clearly have zero for her, amidst her busy schedule of study and work.

    She is 'other-minded' and appreciative of opportunities granted. She maximizes and wastes no time on sinking under to dead weight. This is a person who reaches forward to what is ahead, leaving behind those things that prevent.

    This is a poignant lesson to overcome adversity and leave wallowing in the kingdom of self far behind. Christianity 701. All Christians do well to meditate on this attitude and embrace it as our own

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  • Carl
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    7 years ago

    It is a story of a person who worked hard and has reaped the rewards in this life. There is nothing in this account which points anyone to God, just self reliance.

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