How would you legally define this?

I am a certified hypnotherapist and just started my business (sole prop). Most of my work is done online via skype/ videoconference with clients all over the world. I am located in BC, Canada.

My questions:

1.) Would this be considered a tangible service or intangible?

2.) Charging different taxes based on the client's province is easy, but do I need to pay GST to the CRA for clients outside of Canada? Or does it go on my income tax and that's it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It depends on what precisely you're selling; Even Time is a tangible, for example, because it can be counted, and even, though obliquely, stored and inventoried, so if your services are provided "by the minute" or "hour" or "day" then you're technically selling a fixed tangible. Obversely, if your services are provided by the job then they become intangible due to the variations of particulars innate to each individual client/task - Which is why Itemized Billing becomes so vitally important to Audits as it clearly delineates the sale of the 'parts & labor' as tangibles versus the 'consult & services' as intangibles.

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